DWQA QuestionsCategory: Limiting BeliefsAre stigmata, physical signs in the body of crucifixion, ever a divine orchestration to reward or benefit a person in some way?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

In a sense, it is, and, in a sense, it is not. This is always a sign of great inner faith and belief in the divine. It takes some doing for the mind to wreak havoc on the body and this is always, in the end, a result of strong inner beliefs in something good or bad. In this case, something causing a breach in the protective layer of the skin is a liability and is nondivine because there is no point in putting someone at risk simply to pay a tribute to a divine being—that is counterproductive. There is room for all to be, to grow, and learn unhindered, and to do so safely under divine watch.

To, in a sense, punish the flesh of oneself by identifying so strongly with the suffering of Jesus Christ is imposing the same sentence on the self. We see this as, in effect, compounding the crime. His death was tragic and orchestrated to happen in a very savage, inhuman fashion. To emulate that does not truly celebrate his life but rather celebrates his suffering and demise. It is very similar to having the cross as the symbol of his existence, particularly when displayed as a full crucifix with the body portrayed nailed to a cross to capture a frozen moment of time during this intense suffering and the major setback in divine awareness it represented by slowing the momentum of his teaching outreach to humanity.

On one level, it is understandable that people rally around the symbol because it does hold great meaning as his life represents sacrificing himself, his own life, for the spread of divine truth. But that is what makes him special and reason for his name to live on rather than the fact he suffered so. The full story behind the suffering is still not yet known because it involves interlopers unappreciated by the conventional view, so in a sense, even that episode is misunderstood and creates a kind of ironic advertising for the handiwork of the interlopers which they relish—seeing the hapless humans showcasing their evil doings and, in a sense, worshiping it almost to the exclusion of the teachings of Christ themself. That is a distortion of things to be sure and so whenever people show signs of the crucifixion wounding in their body, it is a self-created phenomenon entirely, it simply will not be done by the divine realm. It is illustrating the power of one’s own mind to rule and have a profound impact on the tissues of the body to cause discord and disruption of function in dramatic ways.

This is an object lesson for all to see—apart from the religious significance and connection—by showing what the mind can do to the body, it is a beautiful illustration of why prior trauma that the individual believes still weighs heavily on them and will cause them difficulty, can be a tremendous influence to start physical illness going. And many other infirmities of the physical body remain inexplicable to physicians because they may not fit traditional diagnostic criteria for chronic illness, but yet are a chronic and even debilitating problem arising mysteriously. These things are very commonplace, but not understood to be the force of consciousness in action simply mimicking a healing need by repeating a past trauma or inflicting a punishment presumed to be deserved on one’s own body. The solution for the appearance again and again of this affliction is to do deep healing for the karmic underpinnings. This can be done through the Lightworker Healing Protocol and/or subconscious channeling with trauma resolution.