DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaAre the abnormal and idiosyncratic behaviors of many autistic people the result of cellular memory of discordant messages and emotions? Would our enhanced Lightworker Healing Protocol be more helpful now for Autism?
Nicola Staff asked 9 months ago

This is true for Autism as well. It is a kind of trauma experienced by these individuals who find their mind and body out of sync, and this dilemma registers keenly within the neurologic pathways as a trauma event, and the experiencing, again and again, keeps it on the foreground and gives rise to much inner suffering because they cannot help themselves and what their mind is doing. Because these individuals are high functioning in terms of the special gifts they have, it perversely works against them, because the body cannot keep up and this becomes very much a source of consternation, and disappointment, and inner tension, and the person will want to escape from this but cannot and must endure what they experience. This pain then becomes a constant companion and gives rise to inner turmoil, and will prevent a fuller understanding and expression of what they are experiencing so that people can even understand them more clearly, and this is the bane of their existence—that while they are experiencing extraordinary things with their mind, it cannot be conveyed to others readily, and they are quite unappreciated and end up being sidelined many times because they appear too idiosyncratic and are viewed as diminished beings when the opposite is the case.