DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaAre the declines in bee populations and other pollinators being orchestrated by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to further undermine human survival?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

You finally figured this out—that there is a deeper threat going on here in addition to what we have discussed with you and you have asked previously about the role of consciousness involved here. So that clue was there all along that consciousness is important. What took you until today was to inquire about whether another consciousness might be involved as well. That is very much the case as the Anunnaki are decimating the pollinator populations deliberately to undermine the human food chain. They have not been successful yet in causing a catastrophe, but it is on the list of possible disaster scenarios they are toying with.

At the moment, they are simply causing pressure on the system coming from many, many different directions through a combination of natural disasters, environmental destruction, ramping up of human negative behavior, and the alteration of the electromagnetic grid of the Earth, coupled with heavy bombardment of negative propaganda to drag everyone down. And at the same time, they are creating complacency about human actions and severe problems that are worsening. They will ramp up fear and discord to widen the differences between people and groups and ramp up their suspicions and hatreds and prejudices to foment trouble. All of this is designed to drag down humanity more and more, and it is working.