DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Genetic ManipulationsAre the nutritional strategies for healing the many diseases caused by viruses, and the heavy metal toxicities, superior to the Lightworker Healing Protocol? What are the relative merits of the two approaches?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

Both have great value. The nutritional approach is something that can be understood by everyone and embraced with little hesitation or resistance. That is the major advantage of the focus here on natural remedies. It fits with people’s conceptions that there is a physical abnormality and so that is consonant with mainstream science also, and becomes a remedy that can be embraced regardless of the spiritual beliefs of a person. Everyone understands the need for sound nutrition and with the many confusing messages and reversals of recommendations, people are becoming increasingly skeptical of mainstream nutritional guidance and looking for alternative practitioners with differing perspectives and at least being open to hearing what they have to say. So nutritional advice can have particular power for the masses, and to the extent it can deliver on its promises will be a great benefit.

That is the case here—if people can incorporate the recommended dietary components in sufficient quantities there will be benefits over time. Like the application of requests for divine healing through the Lightworker Healing Protocol, it will be an incremental benefit that will accrue results over time, taking typically a number of months and often more than a year to produce demonstrable benefits. That will, of course, be a function of individual variability in the degree to which there is an impairment needing correction and other variables such as the karmic backdrop that is always in play and will be an important factor in the equation about who is treatable readily and who may not be.

The virtue of the Lightworker Healing Protocol is that it does healing on a deeper level and includes the karmic components directly with healing to address them and keep going until healing is achieved, with many strategies to amplify the benefits and keep the Protocol being administered in perpetuity, so through the many applications the benefits will be compounded and will hasten the day when they become observable. It will still be slow in coming because of the nature of the problem needing to be solved and the fact that pre-existing damage is more difficult to reverse than to prevent in the first place. One of the great benefits with people embracing use of the Lightworker Healing Protocol will be in the protection of the young from infancy onward to prevent such catastrophic situations in the first place.

Both approaches make sense when dealing with such devastating conditions that will have a lifelong impact from simply struggling with a body and a mind that has limitations and can be unpredictable and difficult to control in some respects, adding to frustration, disappointment, feelings of failure and inferiority, especially when others in the family or the school system are judgmental.