DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationAre the strong fears in many young children about minor physical injuries, actually due to triggering recall of past life major traumas?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

It is natural children react strongly to wounds because they are extremely sensitive to pain, as they are extremely sensitive to all stimuli. To the young person, everything that happens is larger-than-life compared to adult experiences. This is because of the vigor of youth in all respects, but the idea of mutilation represented by even a small cut in the skin goes beyond the pain response, because there is, in fact, a strong reaction at the subconscious level to any such wounds because of the referencing to the akashic record of past circumstances where physical injury was grievous, and had dire consequences. All have had such things happen, in times of warfare, civil unrest, or criminal activities, and the frequency of accidents using primitive tools—cutting implements of the many manual chores involved with making a living, doing farming, and having to manufacture everything you needed, personally, in many settings through history. All of that physical activity resulted in frequent cuts, and bruises, and sprains, and many early deaths, not only from grievous wounds but the devastating consequences of infection with even a small wound. This was seen as something mysterious but highly dreaded and these traumas are heavily imprinted among the akashic records of everyone. So, a child of today’s world knows far too much about potential dire consequences of even a small breach in the skin barrier.