DWQA QuestionsCategory: Physical UniverseAre there any negative health implications from living on so-called ley lines? If so, please explain their origin and purpose, how they affect human well-being, and what can be done to help?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The so-called ley lines are a term used to describe the energetic grid that extends around the entire planet. It is like the Meridian system of the body that transmits energy from location to location. The electromagnetic energies emanating from Gaia itself and all of its components will impinge on this grid of ley lines, and be conducted, and carried, and distributed around the entire planet. And this is a way the energies can be shared and guided in a more purposeful fashion to implement the need of the conscious desires and the soul expression of the Earth itself. The ley lines are also impinged on by solar energies, as well as the astrological influences of heavenly bodies at every level within the universe. The effects may be subtle or profound, depending on the information that is brought forth and its consequences within the context of what Gaia desires to have happen.

The presence of ley lines is not a health hazard per se. There can be consequences of living in close proximity when something unusual or abnormal might take place as a result of extraterrestrial manipulation. This, in fact, is ongoing and is one reason for planetary turmoil and disturbances of the environment and the actions at all levels throughout Gaia. There is a desire to make mischief and worse, created by the Extraterrestrial Alliance. So their handiwork shows up in many places. There is a kind of tug-of-war, in fact, going on between the Extraterrestrial Alliance and the divine realm, which seeks to undo their negative influence, to keep things in a reasonable enough balance for human to do well. The perception of problems associated with ley lines is an intuitive recognition all is not well, that sometimes the energies associated are destructive or excessive in some way. This is the mischief component, and while not deadly, can be a negative influence and used to create states of inner discord and disarray with human intercommunication, as well as what happens with the planetary energies. The two interact and influence one another.

Human consciousness is a major influence on Gaia and vice versa. Anything that disrupts the normal state of affairs of either party will influence the other. So people living on a ley line that is carrying heavy negative energetic signals may well be perturbed because the intention of the interlopers may well be to perturb human doings, and they will be closest to the fire, so to speak, and will be burned accordingly. You can do some healing work purposefully to facilitate the restoration of a rebalanced energetic grid. This will hasten the divine realm’s ongoing efforts for restoration. Everything that human asks for makes the divine work easier, and more effective, and more timely. In terms of helping someone in conjunction with such points on the energy grid, the Protocol has already within it, requests for healing of adverse energies, and this would be included automatically.

There is nothing to be done about the grid itself directly, by human. The request for divine assistance with the problem of the interlopers will take care of this and is well along in planning already. So there is really no need for further action, but you can be aware that some sensitive individuals may be perturbed by experiencing a juxtaposition with areas of discordant energy, and this would be an explanation to consider. The best solution for them would be relocation as a quick answer, and then to add their course to the ongoing prayer work would be very appropriate and timely.