DWQA QuestionsCategory: Physical UniverseComet “Atlas” is on its way and scheduled to make its closest encounter with Earth in May – just a couple months from now. There is widespread speculation of problems this comet may cause us – weather disturbances, meteorite showers, earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis. Some even noted Trump used the word “tsunami” a couple of times in a recent speech suggesting he might be dropping hints. Some even think Comet Atlas is Nibiru. Some suggest the pandemic is quite real, but engineered to create a pretext for global shelter in place and supply preparations for the masses ahead of the elite using such a lockdown and even media outage to head for their bunkers, leaving surface dwellers to whatever unpleasant fate awaits them. When it’s over, they will emerge from their bunkers and establish their “New World Order”. Can Creator comment if there is ANY truth to this, and if not, what is the motive for the disinformation?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This is an ordinary comet-like body passing through space and has no larger purpose or meaning. It is not Nibiru and it is not purposefully directed and has no connection with any other actions or non-action on the part of the Extraterrestrial Alliance. It will not cause a major perturbation of earth energies and it will not be used as a cover either, because scientifically that would be highly suspicious. So this is simply propaganda that is being used as a kind of disinformation to discredit those who buy this story and promote it, who will end up with some egg on their faces, so to speak, when the dire events simply do not happen and they will be seen to have been engaged in an exaggeration or outright falsehood. And that serves the darkness whenever the seekers of truth get it wrong, and then people end up throwing the baby out with the bath. Such individuals are needed because they are the few who are still awake enough to realize the world is not what it seems and there is darkness abroad, and their quest for truth is of value with so many obstacles to overcome manipulation and programming, and with the actions of the Extraterrestrial Alliance being so hidden, is a testament to human ingenuity and passion that such people keep going with their quest. It is just unfortunate that many lack discernment because their intuitive reach is limited, and are therefore inclined to accept rumors without question and this ends up discrediting them, so their heart is in the right place but facts are facts, and difficult to come by, so it is a difficult and problematic arena.