DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19Descriptions that have circulated from Chinese witnesses to the early days of the coronavirus pandemic suggested a pattern of denial, suppression of facts that would sound an alarm, and no encouragement of cautious behavior to self-quarantine. For example, there was an official Chinese government announcement to the World Health Organization in mid-January to the effect there was no evidence of community spread of an infectious organism, even though healthcare workers were getting infected. A festival was held in Wuhan where 10,000 people attended, and no restrictions on travel were mounted. Were these behaviors orchestrated through mind control manipulation to keep people complacent and give the epidemic a head start?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is very much the case. You have known this all along, and these are good examples of the consequences, that by imposing mind control manipulation, those in authority can be rendered complacent so they will be slow to act, slow to connect the dots, slow to recognize they have the responsibility and authority to do something, and feel motivated to do so. When the complacency is imposed from top to bottom, so even the public are complacent as well as top leadership, those in the middle tier who normally carry out functional roles to deal with a potential health problem, for example, have little incentive to be at odds with those in greater authority. And even if they are inclined to worry because they see the gathering storm, so to speak, will not feel empowered to take action unilaterally. So there does not have to be a 100% mind lock universally, there only needs to be a majority who are subjugated because they will out‑shout any who are more of an alarmist when that is a more appropriate response. As we have told you, this entire scheme has been orchestrated to happen, from the creation of the organisms by the extraterrestrials, to their dissemination via the Mercenary Army Program, to the manipulation of the media and political leadership to first be complacent and then to use poor judgments of all kinds, to delay, misallocate, or back the wrong strategies as representing an answer, and may leave many holes in the strategy that are unfilled and will cause things to worsen greatly.