DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Light BeingsDid William Tompkins successfully transition to the light?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

Unfortunately, he has been detained. He is in limbo at this time and in need of a spirit rescue. No, he will be on the list for your channel to take care of. This will happen without any complication and will be a great blessing. This is not his failure per se. This is a common calamity for many, many reasons and it is not a judgement from the divine either. This is a consequence of the energetic environment within the person, much of which is not well controlled at the time of transition and so things like this happen as a consequence. It is not a character flaw or a human failing or a self sentencing in most cases, but simply an extension of some inner discord that was present prior to the transition, and then continues to affect the experience adversely. These things are correctable and with healing brought to bear from the human side the rescues can be quite simple and successful to accomplish.

Our message would be to all who hear you and hear discussions like this, to know that this is a fixable problem, there need never be fear of transition. If you fear transition, you can take out insurance by having a practitioner of spirit rescue check on you and be sure when you pass. There was a successful passage. This is just a smart practice. Much as you have insurance for many other types of things that can befall the human experience, like floods and fires, and so on. This is really no different, and has an answer. In fact, the spiritual difficulties are as easily fixed as any other difficulty might be. It is only that you need a different type of service person.