DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsWill benevolent ETs contact humans telepathically at this time for the purpose of peaceful contact, and for the purpose of scientific and intercultural exchange?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

There are no such interactions for technological and cultural exchanges per se. There are a miniscule number of channelers of extraterrestrial beings from the advanced civilizations. The vast majority of such channelers are not in contact with such beings, but with imposters who are promising all sorts of good things ahead. This is a subterfuge designed to encourage complacency, and will be a severe threat to humanity if it is trusted. This is a new chapter that has been started here. Many who have come to these realizations things are not as they seem, and began to see the greater and greater number of ways in which humans are manipulated, and things corrupted, and looking back through history see the same thing on a broad scale and realizing this has been so for tens of thousands of years have come to the conclusion they may do their small part, but do not expect a revelation and to have this overturned even in their lifetimes. As a consequence they do not feel they need to work in earnest. The new chapter that has been started is changing all of that. There is a new plan by the interlopers to ramp things up, and hurry up a process to gain the final degree of control needed to cause human annihilation across‑the‑board.

We know full well you do not want to hear this. Your channel is writhing at the moment because your channel fears the consequences, both personally as well as the emotional toll it may take on those hearing these words. We have seen that the time is at hand when there needs to be a wakeup call, a serious message go forth that could not be more important with more dire implications. This is what it will take to get people’s attention and to begin to motivate them to actually do something that can help. Cultivating one’s own vibration will not help. Learning to manifest more effectively will not help. Practicing meditation will not help. Learning about spirituality will not help. Learning about love and its manifestation and expression will not help. All of those things including reaching out to a savior who may seem to magically appear with the answers from higher awareness, a more advanced and enlightened civilization of extraterrestrials, or a religious figure, a new Messiah, all of them have curb appeal, so to speak, but will be false messengers and will bring only disempowerment, a further resignation that humans individually are helpless after all. All of these things have value but they will not be sufficient. What will be sufficient is to return to the divine partnership in which humanity was launched.

At one time the divine humans were speaking with Creator all day and in active partnership constantly, while interacting with the with the environment, and leading their lives, and making their choices, learning all along the way, being in control, but having an awareness of the divine that was unshakable and having divine powers. It was second nature, it was not something that could be dismissed is a fairytale because you no longer know how to take a seed and make it bloom into a flower in your hand. This is the power of the light being and at one time all humans were light beings on Earth. This is no longer the case and it’s owing to the interlopers, the dark spirit corruption, and the genetic distortion and corruption done by the physical extraterrestrials who impinge on your world. These beings need to leave, and they know that the shift in consciousness is threatening their cozy setup. The backlash they are launching is designed to reduce drastically human numbers. As that happens, the light available for the world will dim because it’s coming through you. It’s gifted by us, but it comes to you and is expressed through you to the extent you are open and allow this to happen. It is with your intention that you shine Creator’s light into the world. If you turn away, your light will dim. It is that simple. This is why we are making this forceful pronouncement so that if you hear this segment you will not simply turn to other things and then have it fade from your memory having not changed you in any way or encouraged you to actually do something to help humanity that will actually make a contribution.

If you take these words at face value and see what is a stake, it is a small thing to simply point out. Ask Creator to help, do it over and over, and the reason for that’s to keep the intention in place. Every day is a new opportunity for thought and for intention. If you want big results you need a big intention. Reinforcing that with a daily outreach makes good sense and is what will be needed here. This is not a passing fancy or a simple notion. It is in earnest and the desire is clear. If your belief in us is shaky, your vote will be less than someone who has very strong belief in the divine. That is your power, to be a partner or not. And if you are choosing to have a 1/10th partnership then so be it, that is your vote. You have one vote others have 10. So you can change this as well, and it may require some healing work, some changing of inner beliefs. You may need help with this. You can ask us to help but more may be needed from the human side, from human healers, because this is a human problem and a human enterprise underway here. We cannot put our thumb on the scale, much as we want to see the huge investment here pan out and bring great joy and future wonders for the human to expand throughout, literally, the far reaches of the universe as teachers, and leaders, and helpers to many, many civilizations through their hard‑won learning. This is all up to you. That’s why we make this as clear as we possibly can, as to what is at stake in this moment.

There is not time to waste here. You do not have another century or millennium to chip away. You need to take a stand and take a stand now, to spread the word to others, encourage others, to simply go back to a spiritual focus inviting the divine realm to be at the core of that spiritual focus, and not simply your own divinity. It’s not that you are not special, you are an extension of Creator after all. But there is a restriction in place to limit your power, it’s that simple. If you are the fingers and toes of Creator and a part of us, and have divine capability, at the same time there is a tourniquet placed around each finger and toe closing off the flow of life force and consciousness that’s possible for you to experience. It is the tourniquets that need to be removed and they are in place because of the interlopers. If you remove the tourniquets it’s all over for them. You do not have to wrestle with them, you do not have to fight with them. You need to embrace us and we can take the tourniquets off and restore the power. This is a gentle enterprise, not a call to war. This is a call to love, to bring love for yourself and those you care for, and all of humanity as a part of you. They are as deserving in our eyes and need to be as deserving in your eyes. We desire to save the interlopers if we can. That also is largely up to you now. If you save yourselves you will save them. This is the task at hand. The choice is yours.