DWQA QuestionsCategory: Risk to HumanityDo courses in meditation and remote viewing pose dangers to the student?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

The dangers are very much that all who reach out into the beyond intuitively, will be answered in one way or another if they are capable of receiving and translating a message to reach the conscious awareness. So without safeguards from the divine realm, it is always a hazardous prospect. All who do so will be interfered with in one way or another. At a minimum they will be put on a list to receive further targeted indoctrination, for they are inherently a danger by merely being curious about this undertaking. It shows they are escaping current control to eliminate any such outreach or belief in a higher awareness or higher sources of knowledge and information. In addition, if they are capable of receiving intuitive thought at the conscious level, they will find themselves often talking with an imposter and this will be a slippery slope leading them further and further into a greater degree of control by the extraterrestrials. So we normally do not recommend anyone follow a secular approach to meditation or intuitive outreach whatsoever—this needs to be a spiritual practice from first to last.