DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsDenny Hunt and I are confused about your endorsement of the person who advocates cosmic contact with extraterrestrials in a manner that seems to invite unprotected outreach that will likely encounter imposters. Why did you say he would be both safe and helpful as an interview subject?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

This is not what it seems to you. This appears to be a clear error on our part and this we understand. You are seeing the signs quite well and you are seeing the dangers for what they represent. However, not all dangers will lead to tragedy. Some are merely risks and are not so important or grave in their implications. He is an individual who has a high spiritual focus and his intentions are pure. He is embarking on a program that can lead to problems for many but that does not mean he is a bad person or is corrupted at this point. That is not yet the case. The purpose we had in mind in promoting an interaction was for him to hear the message he will get from Denny Hunt about the risks he undertakes. This is to help forestall or minimize the potential damage of his operation. So there is a divine purpose behind including him. It is not only to exclude the troubled, the corrupted, and the false messages in being given a voice, but to help the greatest good, and this is one of those times where the size of his undertaking and the success already in motion poses a great danger to all who embrace, in a naïve way, the teachings offered.

You have an opportunity through your collaborator to do an outreach here and get his attention and that is worth doing at the expense of having exposure to his name and his operation. That is not a great risk for you, and so this would be helping the divine realm and all those who may have a caution introduced in their training and instructions. He can continue doing what he does in adding a request for divine guidance and protection as part of the process and that will do much to limit the damage. It will not save all, but compared to leaving this growing enterprise to continue to reach to out to the enemy and embrace them, it will be an improvement. As always, these things are a choice and are not a mandate from on high, and so we leave that to him as to his desire to proceed.