DWQA QuestionsCategory: Lightworker Healing ProtocolDo the elementals need healing or resolution of negative issues from karmic contracts and perhaps even soul fragmentation due to trauma caused by human encroachment in locations, and would the Lightworker Healing Protocol in its present form be effective help for them as clients?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

The Lightworker Healing Protocol could be effective in fostering healing of the elementals if directed at them as clients. We have not emphasized this, and the prior questions asked about the elementals set things out about this issue as well. Being a different cohort that is nonhuman, they need different agents ideally to come to their defense and to help assist them with their growth and functioning. So they have helpers among the light beings as well as helpers among the divine realm who look out for them as a special cohort of beings. They are an adjunct of human by virtue of belonging within Gaia, but are not part of the enterprise per se, and so are not subject to all the same conditions and rules and potential consequences of the timeline involved with human and the plan for Ascension. The elementals are an integral part of Gaia but are more or less along for the ride and do not have damage or injury to the same degree as humans. Although they will have insults and perturbations because of the human footprint, this is very analogous to all of nature in one way or another being encroached upon and being affected negatively, as with pollution or excesses in exploiting nature for the personal benefit of humans, all of which causes damage and leaves negative energies for the elementals to contend with. They do nicely for the most part, and receive divine help as well, to manage things out of alignment. So we do not consider this a high priority for receiving human assistance. The human healing needs far outweigh any concern the elementals have and the level of need in existence being so very great with human and relatively minor for the elementals, so we do not consider this a serious concern for human healers at this time.