DWQA QuestionsCategory: AngelsDoes the fact that atheists have lack of belief in the divine limit the degree of angelic support they will receive during their life?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Atheists are granted Guardian Angels. This is part of the contract in coming down into physical existence, in keeping with the life plan. The role of angelics, first and foremost, is to keep the person alive by helping them to avoid calamity leading to a lethal outcome. This is the basal level of support, in addition to them receiving divine energy to maintain life itself. Beyond the occasional rescue when life is threatened, atheists are entirely on their own and will not be assisted in their life by divine intervention. They may, on occasion, be given some reminders of the existence of Creator. This is in the way of an offering, in a sense, a kind of advertisement for them to consider, but this can never be imposed on them. They have full autonomy like everyone else and are allowed to have their nonbeliefs and these are always respected even though it is a loss for them.