DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaDoes this explain why packed red blood cells can be transfused into a person with blood loss without any karmic implications from the donor, but the latter would occur with transfusion of whole blood because it has nucleated white blood cells containing DNA?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

This indeed is the explanation for this distinction. While there is consciousness present in everything, and this includes the red blood cells of human beings as well, the links to extra‑dimensional DNA and the deeper implications are a function of the nucleated cells as the storehouse and repository of DNA and its linkages. There is an interplay of the physical genome with the same energy fields acted upon by the extra‑dimensional DNA. That is the nature of the interplay. It is not a direct communication between the physical DNA and the extra-dimensional DNA. Both interact independently with the energy fields of the body, and that is the gatekeeper and the interface to determine what might happen from these sources of information and control. So the nucleated cells are very important as links to karma via the communications that take place—first from the DNA in the physical nucleus to the bioenergy field, and then to the akashic record, as well as to the extra-dimensional DNA.

There can be a three-way conversation as well, to formulate questions and get answers and, in this way, a problem can build over time that rises with respect to its urgency and overall importance to the being. The consciousness within the red blood cells is a minimal influence on the environment and is of a lower order. It will not perturb things because it will not be connecting to the akashic records nor will it be connecting to the bioenergy fields of the body in the same way because it has not already linked to the prior history of the person in the same way as DNA has already established, and carries with it the cordings to the donor and its history.