DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationFrom the same source reporting about an alien posing as a human, it is claimed that there is “Increasingly credible information about battles taking place in deep underground bases from multiple sources. First take a look at the seismographs from an Indian underground nuclear test versus those from a natural earthquake. The recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico, around the China Lake underground bases in Nevada and California, in Kumamoto, Japan, etc., all bear the signs of artificial earthquakes. Multiple sources tell us they have found children in cages and other horrors in some of these bases that are now being taken over or destroyed by the white hats. Japanese sources tell us that 14,000 Japanese children were being sold each year to the Khazarian mafia. FBI statistics show that 40,000 children go missing each year in the U.S. Many of them are now being rescued from cages in underground bases, Pentagon sources say.” Are these indeed battles? Is there any human contingent that could be called “white hats” or any truth that children are being rescued from these underground bases?
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

All three of these conjectures are incorrect interpretations. There are no battles going on underground. What is being perceived is ongoing construction to widen and strengthen and extend the underground facilities to increase their storage capability, primarily for housing large numbers of human clones to constitute a clone army for eventual use in the launching of an annihilation of humanity. Heretofore, there are large numbers of such facilities because of the need to house large numbers of spacecraft as well as growing numbers of extraterrestrials, human victims of their doings—some for use as food supplies for the Reptilians, some for harvesting to be sent on to off-planet slave colonies, and some to be sequestered in the event of an annihilation to preserve their lives for further exploitation by the alien Greys for their Hybrid Program.

There is trafficking in children so there are whistleblower accounts of seeing children under confinement. These are being experimented on for the Genetics Program primarily at the moment and for use in mind control manipulation maneuvers. There is a concerted effort to manipulate the young as a means of obtaining tighter control of human behavior and the future of the human population. People are more manipulatable when they are young because the mind is not fully formed, the ability to reason is more limited, and there is insufficient life experience for true wisdom to develop so there are many maneuvers done on the young to constrain them and engineer greater complacency for the most part, as well as engineering permanent reductions in the capability to think, reason, and especially perceive intuitive information. This is akin to what is done in infancy but there is a follow-up effort as well to make adjustments at a later stage based on observations of the young to see who has slipped through without a sufficient downgrade, and to learn from the outcomes how to optimize their manipulation.

The idea there is a significant “white hat resistance” is disinformation and an exaggeration of the true state of affairs. There are small groups of individuals who sense there are dark plans in the works, that something is deeply wrong with the institutions of government and military and the intelligence community in particular, but have no wider power to take on the established order. There are individuals seeking further information and wanting to be of service to thwart what they view as “misguided plans and strategies” but there are few in a position to truly do anything effectively without risking their own life and general welfare. This is a propaganda campaign to again reassure those looking into the conspiracy theories, so-called, that things are being taken care of and there is no cause for concern or further action in the way of a mobilization effort, a hue and cry to marshal greater numbers of concerned citizens, and so on.

The greatest damage comes from false reassurance that reinforces the mind control manipulation to engender a state of complacency. All receive these programming efforts. Some are more influenced than others, but if you couple hearing a reassuring message that there is a white hat contingent that is undoing the handiwork of the extraterrestrials, and have within some manipulation creating a certain degree of complacency, that may be all that is needed to truly stand down and be passive in the face of any new information, assuming there will be ups and downs but there is nothing personally needing to be done to take any kind of action because someone else is on the job and will see to it. So this is a very insidious development and is an example of the cleverness and effectiveness of the Extraterrestrial Alliance in being able to control the world. Even when truth emerges and there is growing awareness of their activities, they do not worry too greatly about this because there are many ways to backstop their operations and stamp out would-be critics and questioners of the status quo. This can largely be accomplished through disinformation campaignscoupled with mind control manipulation.