DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationHas human incarnation among the Anunnaki, Reptilian, and Arcturian civilizations contributed negative karma hurting humanity currently?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

These were incarnations for the most part prior to the creation of the divine human. So this was a part of the preparation and a part of the planning to some extent, to utilize individuals from many backgrounds and lineages. The construct of the makeup for the physical component was from outside the present galaxy in part. And so, these particular beings do not have any influence on the complement of DNA, either physical or extra-dimensional, but the karmic history of the souls incarnating within the human physical construct do have karma from their prior involvements. And so there have been consequences of the sojourn among these other civilizations, particularly because of the growing negativity. This has had consequences for the soul and for shaping the akashic records and the energetic signature. This is partly what makes psychics recognize an extraterrestrial component within a living person. It is seeing the akashic record signature that they have been part of an alien race in the past.

The way the Protocol is written will take care of the extraterrestrial karma within the lineage quite nicely because it includes all ET-related genetic distortion, and that can be construed to represent the karmic lineage. And this also will be inherent in all of the Soul Matrix work you request, because going back in time has no particular limits. And certainly, when there is past history with the interloper civilizations, this can be a significant karmic component feeding discord in the present because of the damage done from prior involvement with these negative beings. So you need not be concerned about the implications here as nothing further is needed for the Protocol itself.

The intermingling has had significant effects on the divine human project because it created at the very outset both an increased likelihood there would be a recognition of their presence by all three of these civilizations, and there would be some affinity and extra curiosity about human as a consequence. In addition to which, the subsequent interaction by their arrival served to greatly reawaken past karmic history of being in their civilizations, and this brought much negativity to the surface and put humans on the defensive at the outset and has added further to the misery down through the ages. This can all be healed, as we have indicated, because it will be addressed through the Protocol work, but it is adding to the karmic burdens of human in coping with the interloper problem.