DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaHe asks: “I know that very often very faithful people do not have their prayers answered and may die under any number of circumstances. Was it presumptuous to assume that our guides, guardians, and Creator would be able to use divine grace borrowed from all our prayers to stop this? That is, to stop me from dropping the leash, my puppy from running into the road, slow time down and allow me to dive to block her or grab her, or have the vehicle miraculously miss her or something similar, such as by turning back time and having us do something else?” What can we tell him?
Nicola Staff asked 1 month ago
Unfortunately, we would say that this is presumptuous in the sense that there are limits to what you can control, despite having strong belief and faith in us, and that is because, as this event illustrates, there is more up to you than up to us, in dealing with the unfolding of events. So even though you have requested such powerful divine intervention and healing to be employed again and again in all kinds of circumstances, it is simply the reality that we cannot always do so if there is a gap in your intention that allows the Law of Karma to gain control. We cannot override either force when both are in play. If this were a circumstance you were observing clearly in the moment, and asked for divine assistance, even at the level of a miracle, there is a good chance we could have done something to mitigate these circumstances, if only to reduce the extent of injury and not prevent it. But the fact you were involved directly, with your intention being elsewhere, meant you were disempowered in the moment and so requests from you for divine intervention became less effective. Even though you have, in a sense, banked many requests for divine assistance to be employed whenever needed, in a sense also, the Law of Karma is an extension of your intention every bit as much as your moment-to-moment thoughts, feelings, and desires. The fact it is energetically a stored historical representation does not matter, it is an aspect of human consciousness and therefore is sacred and is a force to be reckoned with, and we must factor it in at all times in deciding what we can do, or not do, in a particular situation to step in and alter ongoing events.