DWQA QuestionsCategory: Coronavirus COVID-19He continues: “When the coronavirus was simply being transmitted person to person, it was only people with increased vulnerability due to comorbidities, such as diabetes and heart disease, that were having issues with inflammation and blood clots, which they were NOT being treated for. Now with the vaccine, the body is being turned into a spike protein-producing factory, and so people with otherwise healthy immune systems are now having inflammo-thrombotic issues. This is why we’re seeing the deaths he says.” Is this true? Are the vaccines causing deaths through this mechanism? If so, what is the incidence?
Nicola Staff asked 3 months ago

This, too, is an exaggeration in attempting to stretch his theories to make the vaccine the culprit rather than the virus. This is not helpful. The vaccines do have benefits and a low incidence of dangerous side effects, so on balance are the lesser of evils here. He is taking the observations from the field that are correct, that those patients with comorbidities have a worse time from the illness and a greater lethality as well as showing some of the more severe consequences of infection that occur in some individuals, like severe thrombotic injury of organs and tissues, and trying to weave a more conspiratorial thesis here that is not warranted. COVID-19 is variable in its consequences. Some people have no symptoms whatsoever, others might have some tissue damage and changes but not any perceptible symptoms, some will have mild symptoms only and not have any perceptible severe problems. But there are often sites of attack and injury within tissues that are major, whether or not there are symptoms, so this is not a trivial infectious organism but one designed to be lethal and can well exhibit its potential in people who are unprotected, and especially those who are not able to receive divine support because they are not in divine alignment themselves and so are on their own.