DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingHow are spirit imprints left on properties and what are their effects?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

There can be spirit imprints on properties as we have explained previously. These are quite similar to what happens with a person. When spirits are present, they leave their mark, so to speak, by engaging with their energy and their intentions and often with an agenda to possess, to claim the property as their own, to keep away others, and to have an influence on the environment itself for their own reasons; sometimes to maintain an exclusive presence to warn others away and to discourage interlopers, but sometimes to engage, or to entice, or to wage a propaganda war to influence or undermine people present, or to cause havoc in the environment itself, to break things in the form of appliances or machinery or fixtures or electrical circuits, electronic devices, and so on. They can cause all kinds of mischief, they can harass animal pets, they can scare children, and certainly undermine anyone whose energy they enter because they will have a greater influence than if they are only external in sending thoughts and outside energy to engage with people.

The imprints result from all these interactions, all of these intentions. They are sort of like graffiti, a relic of their passage, but leaving a mark, leaving a stain, an energetic message that is dark in some way or distorted in some way from not being in alignment with love and light. So there is an emotional and psychological toll living in such an environment. While not seen with the eye, the energies will drag a person down in some way, acting as a lowering of vibration and this will mean their experience in that dwelling will be a less happy one to some degree. If the imprints are huge in number, the toll will be correspondingly greater and this adds to all the other sources of negativity that might be generated or persist, brought by those who pass through, human or nonhuman. So removing these is always a good idea.