DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mercenary Army Program (SSP)How did my client [name withheld] escape from the Mercenary Army Program? What lessons does that hold for others who are involved with the Extraterrestrial Alliance?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This client escaped like all escape, through an inner awakening brought to him courtesy of his higher self and the divine realm, answering the call of his soul. It was his inner soul stirrings that opened the door enough to allow us to amplify the yearnings and make inroads, and this has built on itself through a series of further strengthenings. It did not happen all at once. It took quite a period of time for him to truly break free. This is not something you can impart to a person. You can send them love, you can ask the divine to approach and make offerings. This we will always do in answer to a prayer. The recipient must be open. If they are not, we cannot approach, and so the mission will be aborted, so to speak.

If there is an inner desire for spiritual alignment, and awareness something is not quite right, a yearning for simpler, better, times when there were more love-based events and perspectives, that awareness and the yearnings it inspires can be enough to begin a process of reconnection and strengthening. We are always keenly alert for any such opportunity to make some inroads in assistance to those who are off track. There is a growing danger that people will not find their way back. This is simply because of the timeline now. It is measured in years, not in decades or centuries any longer. The best that can be done for someone with his history is to encourage their spiritual growth and alignment by doing healing for them. This removes the inner obstacles and that is what must happen to not only escape their grip but to make it last. To make it final, there must be a fortress of love in place to make the person impervious to harm and any extraterrestrial outreach in the attempt to co-opt them once again.