DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human Lost Soul SpiritsHow do earthbound human lost soul spirits become hybrids to work with spirit meddlers actively?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This happens from both directions—the human and the spirit cohort. Many humans have had dealings with the spirit meddlers directly in the past, and when they become earthbound for a time, will welcome their partnership. These, of course, are the most evil and lost of the group, and are typically criminals of some kind while in the physical. They may have done this a number of times and eventually been rescued and reincarnate planning to do better, but may, in fact, fall back into the same pattern and cause a calamity for themselves once again. The majority are people who are simply in turmoil and in a state of disconnection, and when approached by spirit meddlers will succumb to promises of reward in gaining their cooperation. Such lost souls are then mined for information from their karmic history to make connections with those in the living who could be exploited by using the lost soul as a hybrid attachment to gain access to a difficult target, or to further ramp up energy within the living person who hosts them. And that will serve all the spirit meddlers on board to a greater meal of dark emotional energy, as the hybrid can use its consciousness to pummel the victim in many, many, ways, drawing on the resentment and anger of the past to launch new attacks and stir up the old dilemmas of the host human. Regardless of who seeks who, the partnership is a deadly and dangerous one for the human host because it significantly enhances the ability to cause harm to the person.