DWQA QuestionsCategory: KarmaHow does personal history with racial prejudice in the akashic records influence present-day human culture and difficulties with race relations?
Nicola Staff asked 8 months ago

The information in the akashic records, representing the repository of human experience recorded energetically with an energetic signature pointing to who was involved and the nature of the interchange energetically, is a broad accounting of all that happens and its consequences. It is also the basis from which karma is guided in seeking restitution for things out of balance in the universe through the conscious actions of living beings. As such, it is much like a dispassionate judicial system that always knows all the humanitarians, the bringers of light, the bestowers of loving kindness, but also knows the miscreants, the criminals, the negligent, the arrogant, the manipulative, the destructive, the mean-spirited, the savage, and the depraved, and all their doings; who was affected, and where the energies went subsequently, to perhaps cause harm to others, or benefit, as the case may be.

With such a finely governed system it is not surprising that a barbaric system of slavery, once on record as having happened, will resonate for a considerable length of time because the institution itself is designed for long-term subjugation across multiple generations. So the wounds are deep and quite extensive, both within the victim’s history, as well as the history of all perpetrators who were responsible for maintaining and implementing this debasement. All living through such periods, in the cultures involved, were tainted accordingly, even as bystanders witnessing the cruelty but taking no action to attempt to mitigate the circumstances, creating a karmic debt. This is true of all passive members of society in crisis.

So there is almost a universal taint for wide swaths of the planet because so many countries have engaged in this practice through history. And with so few opportunities for genuine and deep healing, because of human ignorance, the energies have gone largely unsatisfied for thousands of years to right these wrongs. Although diluted in some respects by human comings and goings, as well as divine intervention on many occasions to help raise people up who have second thoughts, misgivings, doubts, and regrets, there is still an enormous backlog of wounding that continues to rumble. This is a major source of racial sensitivity on both ends of the spectrum. Those who were oppressed feel quite keenly the sting of the lash if only in the form of facial expressions of those they encounter of another race, if not outright discriminatory policies. They sense, often rightly, they are different in the eyes of others and will be judged accordingly.

Those who have the heritage as oppressors will tend to be less sensitive to the issue and the plight of those who see racism in a glance and question everything about their treatment, and often become aggressive and demanding, seeking restitution for things that are difficult to supply because they are more intangible than actual discrimination. What creates the perception is the inner recognition of past wounding resonating with the idea of being looked down on and this can influence the thoughts and feelings in the moment, and darken things, and lead to many misunderstandings, and over‑interpretation of motives. There are many false accusations but it is hard to avoid ownership of the problem because so many have been drawn into this dark vortex directly or indirectly.

Until this backlog is healed, this will continue to fester and will rise again and again into the thinking in the moment on the part of many, many people. It is often exaggerated in the sense it references a past that has come and gone, for the most part, but for all too many people it still feels quite real. So those who were oppressors may now over‑sympathize and see the validity of the racial minority complaints because they have an inner guilt about what they may have done in the past, and want to make up for this in any way they can. And, as a consequence, may overlook an excessive backlash from minority groups as a consequence.

The ability to heal this by going directly into the akashic records of those with a history that is relevant to the issue will benefit greatly from having this done, because at this point there is no other way to make up for lost time. While it will be diluted over many generations, this is a slow process because the energies and the deficits are real and will not be changing on their own and will remain until they have been satisfied through the action of karma. It is better to do this sooner rather than later, because the damage is being compounded by ongoing racial tension that continues adding energy, providing more fuel for times when things get out of hand and there are acts of violence or social unrest. This will be one of the major contributions of the Lightworker Healing Protocol, when it is widely enacted by many practitioners, because it has the ability to right this wrong in working on each and every person and their akashic records. This, in turn, will reduce what is in the collective unconscious on the topic. And the direct healing of the collective unconscious being contributed by those with a grievance based on racial divides, will make contributions as well.