DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsIf humanity is just another neighbor amongst many kinds of beings in the galactic neighborhood what needs to happen before good ETs can contact us openly in the physical dimension?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

There are many truths in the questions being posted here. So let us give you some perspective as you are talking about the entire universe potentially, as there are many, many civilizations in varying stages of development of their individual cultures, levels of understanding, and levels of outreach, and intergalactic as well as inter-solar system type interactions and sharing of information. So the dilemma of negativity is constrained to relatively few realms. And the reason for this is most civilizations do not enjoy the level of autonomy that is a special gift of the divine human. And the experiment of having such autonomy to be free agents and to have free will to make choices completely independent of the divine origin and the divine connection, is a rare gift that is the reason for the divine human and its creation. So the dilemma that you experience with negativity is unusual and is a special case. Most civilizations are working very closely with Creator and there is an absence of strife, an absence of selfish competition, jealousy, and a desire to subjugate others, and so on, that has been the hallmark of human culture through the ages. So things work very smoothly and all such civilizations who are on the positive track by virtue of their close positive connection to Creator are growing and expanding but from a very positive platform and perspective.

The challenge for humanity is to have this total independence. And one consequence is the potential for creating negativity that can develop a life of its own, and even gain prominence for a time and begin to contaminate and subjugate the positive. This is the back and forth contest in the duality this has created. At the present time, both forces—the good and the bad—are struggling against one another and striving to gain predominance. We are in favor of the positive but we have to allow the negative because that it the design at hand and the purpose of this experience—to allow the divine human to shoulder that responsibility to work through the contest and to gain the learning and growth that comes from solving a tough problem, and particularly the maintenance of a connection to Source energy to have the workings of the conscience rule, and to have the knowing of the importance of love in its fullest meaning to honor the divinity of others, and to allow them their space and their choices, and to not interfere and cause harm. All are divine attributes and will be truly earned in having this total freedom.

Most beings in the universe do not have that total freedom. This is a very special circumstance and is the reason why the difficulties are quite large. It is because we are not interfering to control and regulate that this has developed. If you win, it will be at your hands and not ours. We are helping and we are supporting but this is a learning curve that is going on. And so at the present not only are you special, and also struggling, you are sheltered from outside intrusions and cross-contamination that would contaminate the experiment and would cause a distortion in things. If benevolent ETs were to come in and take sides and weigh in heavily on the side of the light this would abrogate the trial at hand and the contest that is ongoing. So they could easily help you win the race but then who would be the winner? You would not be able to claim the right to the title or the trophy, so to speak. You would have been given an unfair advantage and that in a sense would be cheating and not let you fully earn the victory.

So at the present time, such outside intervention is disallowed and anyone who claims to be interacting with benevolent extraterrestrials are dealing with an extraterrestrial imposter pretending to be a benevolent being, here to help. So there are benevolent ETs who are being channeled. Very few have come through those sources but there are some channelers who truly are connecting as advertised with a benevolent extraterrestrial source. Most are not. They are being duped. But the channeling is occurring and this again is very similar to those who channel other light beings and the channel who is talking with us at the moment. There is an interplay that is allowable. There is permission given to offer encouragement, to offer wisdom, and in particular to keep the flame of awareness alive.