DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial AgendaWhat is the master plan of the malevolent ETs currently interacting with humanity? What do they want? Why are they doing all that they are doing?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

They are an expression of the dark end of the spectrum created by the duality of good and evil. This is the nature of things in the physical universe in the dimension you inhabit. That everything has an opposite. This is no less true in conduct of the individual. There are good and bad choices, good and bad behaviors, productive and unproductive activities. The competition created by physical existence for the needs of a living organism automatically create the potential for interaction, and to promote a conflict when there is a limitation. Someone will gain the energy, the natural resource, the best parking spot, and it will be usually the one with greatest power and can exert the greatest force. In a divine world there would be universal sharing and this would simply be seen as one’s natural choice to make. Not a duty or obligation which implies sacrifice but a loving perspective wanting the other to have any benefit that is enjoyed by the self. That is the light being perspective of things. In the duality, the possibility of accruing great fortune at the expense of another, can be a lure.

These beings are wanting your planet for themselves, and to enjoy the planet they will need to remove the pesky humans who get in their way and who also feel they have rights. This is the major aim of all the extraterrestrials in earth plane. They are working in various ways in collusion with one another, the various ET races, to maintain the supremacy they have in operating with impunity and to work against human with the goal to eventually eradicate them. This is being counterbalanced by a divine support for the human and will need human participation to become fully effective. The reason for the counterbalance is to make things a fair fight so to speak, because the extraterrestrial races have such superior technology that they could easily overwhelm and eradicate humanity if they had the unchallenged, unchecked upper hand. This is not being allowed and has been thwarted again and again. But the humans must do their part, so that they can truly prevail and push out the interlopers. At the moment, they essentially are little more than slaves and playthings of the extraterrestrials and the dark spirits who exploit them, living off their energy and their productivity in various ways, and entertaining themselves by acts of violence, and perturbations of all kinds to demonstrate their remaining power and their prowess in manipulating human beings and causing all kinds of human follies including the deaths of many fellow humans. This is a demonstration of the depravity of the dark spirits and the extraterrestrials, who themselves have been corrupted by dark spirit influence to have the same dark view of things and to be disconnected from the divine. That is the basic dilemma.

There is a physical energetic connection to the divine realm by all beings in physical form. This is invisible but quite real and it is a lifeline to divine love and energies of all kinds, to maintain the living status first and foremost, and then to act as a communication link for divine messages. If this is impaired, there is a lessening of the communication and a corruption and a diminishment. This has been accomplished by the dark spirits who know how to manipulate these links to close them down to a great extent, and this has created the dilemma among human of the character disorders, so‑called, where individuals become quite self‑centered and display the attributes of narcissism and then the worst dilemma of the total lack of love and compassion of the sociopath. These manifestations of negativity are caused by dark spirits, it is not a genetic anomaly. It is a plan by the dark ones to diminish humans and make them more like themselves. This reduction in ability to love has grave consequences and serves the darkness in causing all kinds of mayhem and mischief in small and large ways. This is the reason the negative ETs are such a malevolent influence and force because they have come under the control and manipulation of the dark spirits. Until that issue is resolved there will be an ongoing contest here. The answer is turning to the light and reconnecting and strengthening that connection. This can be done through intention, to allow the link to grow and flourish and will be rewarded by greater inner strength and resolve a kind of clarity and calm in knowing that love will prevail and eventually will rule.