DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsIn our channeled interview in the light with Carla Rueckert, she made a very strong statement condemning the school system, stating that the very idea of students confined all day in classrooms is a tool of the interlopers and that learning should come from participating in life. Do you endorse this view and what can you tell us further about this perspective that would be helpful?
Nicola Staff asked 5 months ago

Indeed, this was more than a divine hint you received. Your many questions over the years about education, the school system, modes of learning, the many ways information becomes corrupted and then is imparted to the young, and the overlay of corruption influencing teachers negatively, and the mind control manipulation on top of the spirit corruption of teachers and pupils, who are encouraged to bully one another, adds an even greater sinister agenda to constrain thought, restrict possibility for widening the horizons, and largely keep attention focused on the past—past learning, past knowledge, traditions, old ways of thinking, and much-outmoded information of little current value.

The reality is that the very conception of the schoolhouse was to be a kind of daily prison for the young. This is why it is so heavily resisted, and historically, the stories are legion, and that is because it is harming young people more than it is helping them, and this they know intuitively and very much resist what is happening. Not being in authority, they are unable to decide for themselves and eventually will submit and learn to be cooperative, and some even excelling as students and relishing their experience receiving the blessings of the teachers, high grades, and the resulting praise as being well worth the inconvenience. But all too often, students become stifled and end up resenting the very idea of learning because it comes to represent depersonalization, dehumanization, and degradation of their own intrinsic value, as they are criticized, judged, and embarrassed again and again in being put to a test they may well fail, in the moment at least, and this punitive process takes a toll over time to undermine self-confidence and squelch enthusiasm.

A saner system incorporates the young into all of life they may be ready for, individually or collectively. An apprentice system works quite well, and you are a shining example of this, being self-taught largely and making your way through your own initiative, seeking environments where you could be taken aboard and mentored to learn what was needed. Granted, you had an innate strong curiosity and were able to parlay that into a high-level of performance wherever you went. This is a natural trait in most young until it is discouraged through life experience devaluing what they have to offer and diminishing their expectations. And then they learn to mistrust their own thoughts and yearnings and seek an escape, or shut down their creative potential by becoming subservient to the demands of what is largely a disciplinarian system that requires a certain performance to take place, and trains them to absorb and then purge a series of facts and propositions, assuming this creates a well-rounded person. It, in fact, does more the opposite, by stultifying and diminishing the reach.

People are designed to be inherently creative in expressing their soul—in whatever direction that takes, there will be something of value that happens. Whether it is of value to others is always a variable, but if they are doing what is natural for them in a loving environment, working alongside others who share similar likes and dislikes, to give them security and encouragement, and even rewards of praise because they are with people who are truly compatriots, and like-minded, whatever they contribute will have immediate value and acceptance. And in the broad mix of humanity, the whole of human culture is geared towards identifying excellence and sharing that, if only for profit. So there are many existing mechanisms to spread knowledge and showcase the individual achievements of people.

This is far more meaningful than doing make-work in the same way as others who came before, going through endless study, and drills, and testing, and regurgitation for little purpose and no end result other than having survived the system and done all the arbitrary requirements that were made to be the criteria for advancement. That is not true learning, true education, or true development of the soul and its true purpose. The end result is a tremendous waste of human capital. This indeed is a legacy of the interlopers—learned from them, instituted by them down through the ages again and again, as a way to warehouse the young, inculcate them with a series of restrictions and punitive responses to behavior demanded of them, knowing this will discourage them and constrain human creativity and progress. It turns out generation after generation of sameness, and that is what the interlopers want. They at least want to restrict advancement, if not to set humanity back.

This will change when the presence of the interlopers is fully dealt with and there is true freedom and liberty once again. Until then, everyone will continue to be a slave and a slave to the system they themselves maintain through force of habit and the constraints of the hidden hand managing them from behind the scenes.