DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsIn our recent channeling for [name withheld] you referred to a person being inquired about in the male gender whereas it is actually a woman. Why was this error made?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

This was your error and not ours. You projected the question in the context of a male being and a male energy, as this was your expectation. We were forced to answer the question and provide information, staying within the boundaries of your original request and the underlying intention to find out information about a male being. So this is yet another learning opportunity for you to see that error can creep in, especially from your side of things, and this will happen, at times, because you lack precise data to go by, or there is an oversight or lapse of memory in some way and you formulate the question inaccurately and then we are forced to give an answer fitting within the incorrect knowledge, as best we can; to do honor to the intention of the question, but also to your intention in framing the question.

This is an object lesson, yet again, to have the facts straight to avoid an awkward situation of this kind. This will come up again and again because of the work you do. So we are showing you this, especially because it may lead to awkward moments at the worst possible time if you do not know the gender correctly, going in. This will encourage you to seek the data before launching forth, and this will keep things nicely on track and avoid raising unnecessary questions about the validity of the work. We do not wish this to happen, nor do you, but we must allow it if this is what stems from your actions. You at all times are in charge of this process, so please keep that in mind and know that we do support you fully, but still within the rules and guidelines applying to others.

You are quite correct that this is not a mistake an Anunnaki imposter would make in supplying information to a channeler. And so, rather than this being a tell, a sign that we ourselves are a false source, we are showing openly that there are issues going on; to be of help and to be of service, not to solely be right. That is quite a different perspective than you will get from an Anunnaki psychic, where the agenda is totally self-serving on their end and they will do their utmost to avoid questions and detection of their falsehood.