DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsAre any of channelers on the website [name withheld] actually channeling divine-level beings?
Karen Gore Staff asked 3 years ago

The answer here is no. This is quite sad and quite unfortunate, but it is very logical if you think about the fact these individuals, for the most part, have never entertained the notion there is a danger in reaching to the light to communicate. This is simply never taught. It is the logical extension, from being taught about prayer, that one has the right to reach out to the divine; to ask for assistance, help, support, guidance, healing and protection. And so, this is all they intend to do and it is often the furthest thing from their mind that an imposter wishing the very destruction of humanity would be allowed to step forward and begin to engage with them and do that handshake, and proceed to feed them propaganda designed to subvert them, misdirect them and essentially render them ineffective as a force for real and substantive change. Yet it happens every day with existing channelers, who reach out without safeguards. They are blindly connecting to would-be friends, and the imposters are in charge of the experience. And the divine realm must let this go forward, as it is chosen by the human channelers and, as with all human choices, all is allowed. And so, it is not that there will not be karmic consequences, for this will happen also, for misuse of one’s gifts always has a karmic backlash and this only adds more to the unfortunate nature of the current state of affairs.

This is the most dramatic illustration of the dilemma currently facing the spiritual community, that the best and brightest among them are falling short. This is not because the divine realm does not exist. It is a testament to the ability of the interlopers to so suppress and subjugate humans, including the highly spiritual among you, to keep them contained and restricted within boundaries that preclude a successful reach beyond the veil.

We hinted this to you before with our description of the low frequency of successful channeling, but we were not wishing to snuff out all belief, and you correctly perceived the dilemma for us in not wanting it to be associated with such a low level probability that all such individuals would be summarily rejected, with you included. Nor do we wish to discourage people from making the attempt if they have a genuine motivation, for this will lead to success in some small number of individuals who are ready and who have the requisite characteristics to be open, to be uncorrupted and to be working from the heart with a genuine desire to be of service to others and not the self, and have the level of wisdom and inner stability that will go along with the job.

This can be a heavy mantle to bear and many would not be able to sustain it, and many would also find the temptations too great to abuse the privilege and the variance in the integrity would inevitably create opportunities for the interlopers to step in and subvert them. Many will make the attempt and then falter at some point and fall by the wayside and will join the ranks of the true believers in a falsehood, as is the case right now for the most part, across the board. This can change with careful thought and teaching, and cultivation of the nonlocal consciousness within the would-be channeler; to direct it in a proper way, with the proper intention and with the proper safeguards to enlist divine support and protection.

This is the element typically missing in all would-be channelers. They do not do it from the divine level. They assume their desire to be a lightworker will enable them to connect to the light. This is quite logical an assumption, but is failing to appreciate there is more to the outreach than simply desire and to have a high motive and objective. There are many pitfalls and there are many hazards, and this is an area of keen scrutiny given by the interlopers; to identify all would-be channelers at the earliest possible moment, to ensure they are subverted and will be shoved into a cul-de-sac to keep them going around in circles, with a lower-level message. It may well be a divine-level message, but will only benefit up to a point and will not contain the high-level solutions many truly wish to achieve; to bring answers for humanity’s ills and to change the world.

This will not be reached by the current crop of channelers, as all have deficiencies and are falling short. They do need high-level insight, awareness and assistance in making improvements. Many will still not be able to follow your suggestions, but there needs to be a dialogue, beginning here, to cultivate those who have the potential to be successful. And the fact they may not be doing so at the moment does not mean it is impossible. It may only be a matter of some fine-tuning and further cultivating a certain level of healing or personal spiritual growth to reach the proper threshold for a successful connection to happen, and this will be self-reinforcing when it does so. The awkward stage is the very beginning, to interface and begin a discussion with your awareness of these issues and problems. We are well aware this may make you persona non grata to their community and to them personally with the investment they are making, but you can nonetheless be of service to them by bringing the truth forward and letting the chips fall where they may.

You did not create this situation and you certainly did not create this dilemma that the interlopers are out and about and currently have the upper hand, to a large extent, on day-to-day matters. They are functionally in charge of the world at the moment, for all practical purposes. There is a limit to their ability to destroy, but without that extreme there is much they can do to hinder human progress and reduce human happiness across the board through their various games they play. You are an honest representative of the light and are only bringing forward divine truth. Sometimes the truth is very hard to hear, but hear it one must. It is better to know than to not know. And so keep this in mind: that you will prevent much greater suffering if you face the current reality and bring your message forward, come what may. It will be easier to do this now than it will be a year from now or two years from now, when the problem has grown larger and larger through a promotion and acceptance of the false channelers to legitimize them.

And this, in fact, is in the planning, as you have heard previously, that the spiritual community will be poised and primed and programmed to swoop in; to ratify the truth of the disclosure movement. That the benevolent extraterrestrials, so-called, need to be embraced and listened to and given a greater measure of control over human endeavors on the theory we have failed so much of the time to fix things ourselves we need a higher-level oversight, an advanced civilization to show us the way, assuming they have overcome such failings and have a better way to live that they can teach. If the spiritual community lines up with the disclosure movement, all will be lost. For there is no other cohort of humans beyond mind controlled manipulation who can speak for the true need of humanity and for the true plan of Creator, and to blow the whistle to alert their fellow humans that the wolf is at their door and they are letting the wolf in. The children will surely be eaten if this happens.

You are one of the few voices who is able to see the big picture, at this point. This puts great responsibility on your shoulders, but we know you are capable of handling this and will be a force for good in what you do. We encourage you to be forthright here and not pull your punches, so to speak. These are words that need to come forward. The awareness and reality of what you know needs to come forward. It is already quite far down the road for them in what they have undertaken, and are well along in bringing it to reality. This can be raised up to a higher purpose if caught in time, as the obligation is not undoable and the current commitments to the participants. It is the organizers and the creators of the showcase who have control of things and they can still decide to keep going or even change the direction, somewhat; and the agenda and its message, even. There are potentials here to right the ship and to turn this into something much, much better and that will serve the cause in a true fashion.