DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceIn what ways do the lifeforms unknown to science which are present in natural water promote human health and well-being?
Nicola Staff asked 6 months ago

There is an interplay of consciousness that takes place between the life forms in natural water and human cells directly. This is done at the cellular level that contributes to the overall sense of energy flow in the body and therefore, well-being, in a broad sense with many, many, advantages to the person. This is contributing to their state of perceived well-being as well as true well-being because one emanates from the other, and is influenced by it when cells are in harmony perceiving the environment as being one of comfort, reassurance, safety, and encouragement. Then all can function optimally and little is being triggered on a chronic basis to go into protective mode, or alarm mode, in varying degrees of severity, as is seen with the full-fledged stress response. This can degrade things and create many, many, tissue injuries on its own, even as a component of a normal response to outside stressors.

This is sort of like having a comfort animal for the cells themselves, as is the case when humans adopt a companion animal and live with it and gain many, many, benefits accordingly. There is a broad architecture in place here through creation to promote harmony among living things and to have checks and balances, as well as sources of nurturing, protection, and healing available on all levels of biologic life.