DWQA QuestionsCategory: Benevolent ExtraterrestrialsIs it true that some advanced benevolent ETs are in open physical contact with other benevolent ET races? If so what was the threshold event or process they had to go through to be an open participant in the galactic community?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

There is a divine origin for things, a divine purpose behind all that happens, and a divine plan underway, and that humans are very much central to this divine plan and that the future is a glorious one that is envisioned for them. The contest needs to be won to reach those stages. We see this happening, but again we cannot say it is certain and that would also undercut the experience. So if you are running a race and we announce you as the winner when you are rounding the far turn and you ease up, you may be overtaken by the dark horse, so to speak who will outpace you and may come in first, and then cause you to fall from grace so to speak and lose your confidence and lose your way, lose your enthusiasm for running a race again and then you will be sidelined.

So these are treacherous times. There is much to do. All need to be involved actively, not just passively. This can be done with your thought and intention. It is up to you, it is not up to any benevolent ETs to come in and provide a rescue. This is a human contest and a human battle for supremacy that needs to be waged by you. You are winning, but you have many casualties among you, and all are suffering. And we are keenly aware of this. This is not our desire, but is a creation of others, including humans who allow this to happen, and who do fall prey to the false voices and the false prophets, and may be sidelined as a consequence. So the answer is simple, but it takes conviction and a steadiness to stay the course, and not be distracted and to have their contribution diverted in a way to sideline them, and render their contribution null and void, as a consequence.