DWQA QuestionsCategory: ReincarnationIs it true that the current queen of England is a descendant of Islam’s prophet Muhammad?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This, in fact, is true. This is part of the lineal chain of descendants. This has no greater meaning however. The prophet was a living, breathing human being and there were progeny. So the biology will flow from there, and the chain of descendants will grow and will branch further and through increased intermixing become more and more distant from the actual genetic contribution from the very beginning. So what we would want to say about this is to not over-interpret the significance, other than to make the point—you are all in a family to begin with. And so, what you look like and where you come from is of little consequence beyond this basic reality—that you all come from the same place and you are all going to the same place. You have different lineal descendants and forebears as a result of biology but, with the intermixing, this has little consequence except when there is a particular focus on the genes and a desire to constrain the intermixing, and thereby dilution, of a particular complement of genetic characteristics. This has been prized, in various ways at various times, by particular cultures wanting to have a preservation of their heritage in this way, often not understanding the means of inheritance but knowing that it had importance. What we would tell you is—this is a human notion and a human desire to preserve a sense of family, a sense of belonging, a sense of familiarity, and an appreciation of the strengths attained already within the culture and a desire to maintain it, and prevent something causing a reduction or bringing an unwanted influence of some kind that would upset tradition, upset accepted practice, and then would cause turmoil and disarray. This happens again and again through little understanding of accepting those with differences, so that interactions can go smoothly and people accepted as people and looking beyond the surface. This is still an issue today with the problem of immigration, and the breaking down of barriers through the advent of air travel, and freedom of movement allowed by most governments. So there is a new awakening and appreciation for the interconnection of things. What we would say is, what matters the most is the individual soul present within the physical form. It is the soul origin and its history that is the very most important source of influence on what happens for, and with, and to, that individual being.

The ancestral lineage has an influence but it is secondary to other aspects of that soul. Souls come and go. They have a natural soul collective in the moment, with rich history that may go back through dozens to hundreds of lifetimes lived in close proximity, again and again, among and with one another, but there is quite an intermixing as well. So one can never be sure where one ends up in a particular family, to what degree they have prior doings with others in that group, because they will not see it in this way and will not appreciate they may be a stranger among strangers. But this is a message intended to explain that the genealogy, while interesting and making the point you do come from somewhere historically and those influences are very much real and still important, they are not the be-all and end-all that determine character and other characteristics of the individual. What matters most is what comes from the soul. Regardless of where and when you may have been in the past, the descendancy of biology is only the physical chain in linking the offspring to those who were contributing as parents to that occurrence. The soul inhabiting each and every child, in each and every family, going down through time will vary. It is not the same individual. So the soul in the royal figure you mention is not necessarily the same soul involved earlier in that family tree. This is a very superficial connection linking the Queen to Mohammed, and so, this does not impart any special provenance and any special attributes. But keep in mind, both figures are divine because all flows from Creator. Every human being is divine, each in their own way a special being created to have a soul reflecting a unique set of attributes. This is what is most important to consider. There are too many ways humans rank one another by status, usually based on materialist criteria, and none of that matters. What matters is truly how one is doing in expressing their soul, whether this is being done effectively, whether it is helping or hurting them, helping or hurting others around them. That is what matters.