DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesIs learning to reconnect people to the ley lines earth’s electromagnetic grid a valuable training and if not, why not?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

This truly offers nothing more than can be done with the Lightworker Healing Protocol. It is a nice-sounding idea and has validity for someone who is not in energetic balance. So, this is a component of what can be done to bring people into energetic harmony and is only a part of what may be needed by the average person. But everything this does is also present within the simple instructions in the Lightworker Healing Protocol which includes more, in contrast to this offering. The idea, within the Protocol, of grounding and then balancing the chakras is a vague description of a very comprehensive tuning, energetically, that will put the person in balance with the environment of Gaia in all respects. So, this will include bringing things into harmony with the Earth’s electromagnetic grid to the extent it can be done, if the local area the person inhabits is, in fact, balanced energetically to begin with. There are areas of perturbation in the electromagnetic grid, so to harmonize with that would compound the crime. But in other respects, the Protocol does a perfectly fine job of attending to things and, in addition, opens many gateways to divine assistance to further the energetic awakening, and the support for the person’s soul journey, to better achieve the life purpose, and keep the person on track and in alignment spiritually. That is every bit as important as ensuring the person is in a balanced state within the physical environment.