DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsIs my client’s vision of becoming a millionaire destined to happen, as seen by several psychics?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

What the psychics are seeing when they look at him, are his dreams of wealth and success and security. This is not the same thing as having the certainty already in place, but that is not truly what the future represents. It is not a future actuality we simply have to find our way to reach. It is only a potential that is cemented into place only through diligence, hard work, and implementing what is needed for its actual creation to become manifest in the real world. This usually involves elbow grease and some self-sacrifice, if only through concentrated effort at the expense of other alternatives. Sometimes the race is to the swift, but other times it is to the turtle, who may be slow, but perseveres when others may tire and quit the race thinking it is not worth the trouble and the one who perseveres becomes the successful one.

He has all he needs to bring this great dream into reality, but it is up to him. To present this as an actuality is a disservice because this will engender a false sense of security and may well end up undermining his efforts, thinking he cannot fail, and may not be as careful in avoiding a misstep that could cause a serious setback, and then undermine things even more greatly through complacency. Many future predictions are ultimately felt to be false promises because they were future potentials within possibility, but then things intervened to change the potentials after all, and then things fell through. We have given the encouragement for him to know this is within his reach and his ideas are sound, but it is up to him to put it into reality. It is not as simple as having the curtain part and then he will be a success and can walk into that future reality where he has a large and growing business ensuring his financial security for life. That he can build into reality, and that knowledge alone is a great gift because we would not give false encouragement. If he looks at all he has accomplished, the wisdom we are sharing is apparent, that he truly has the right stuff to be successful in his field and a leader. He has done it right so far and is capable and prepared to go to the next level.