DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Corruption of Human InstitutionsIs [name withheld] a cloned human hybrid acting as a troll, cruising the healer community to engage with them on the behalf of the Extraterrestrial Alliance, and are there other clones like her out there?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This very true and very much the case. She is an artificial construct and not a true human being. She is a simulation, a form of artificial intelligence that can be downloaded with many operating instructions to create a personality and have a number of types of agendas and routines to engage with healers in particular, and intrigue them, and stir up their emotions in a desire to help. But once the healer embraces them and agrees to help them, that handshake, so to speak, will become their undoing because now they have let the interlopers into their inner sanctum and their grip will tighten and draw the healer into a closer and closer dialogue that will allow a penetration into the mind of the healer with manipulating energy that will be quite destructive, and in the end will result in a surrender and the healer will become powerless. This level of corruption will vary from person to person, but can lead to a complete destruction of the individual’s mind because the programming effort can be relentless, and unstoppable, and will erode a greater and greater portion of the inner reserve.

At some point, a healer or helper of any kind will become overwhelmed by the demands placed on them. Their very willingness to help makes them vulnerable, and in their desire to serve, may end up sacrificing themselves in the process. This is what is desired, to lead, at a minimum, to a kind of burnout on the part of the healer involved where they will simply not wish to continue engaging with others who are suffering. And this is a win for the darkness as it leaves more and more humans without someone to go to who knows how to heal their issues effectively. Expending their energies on a phony client who presents with endless need and whose level of complexity being programmed in is a challenge, will test them to the limit and beyond, as is hoped. And this will drain the healer at a minimum and lead to overwhelm at some point as a potential worsening of things, and this will have the potential to render the healer ineffectual and they will leave the arena on their own.

This is the goal and is routinely achieved with this kind of undertaking. It is assisted all along the way by various forms of manipulation external to the healer or to the phony client, but followed from afar by the extraterrestrial psychics who can supplement with energy targeting the healer to do maximum damage and alteration of their mind and inner beliefs as well. This has been a highly effective strategy and is used in other settings as well.