DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesIs Purewave electromagnetic pulse therapy safe as well as effective for chronic pain? What is the mechanism of action?
Nicola Staff asked 7 months ago

This is both safe and effective. It is the nature of the electromagnetic energy that is the differentiating factor and so this differs from the static magnets you have been warned about. There are desirable levels of exposure and intensity and these must be worked out empirically at the moment. It is not desirable to do this round the clock nor even during an entire night interval. The reason is more due to a kind of nervous exhaustion that can happen as a follow-on to having such a prolonged period within these electromagnetic fields, and then have them cease. A better strategy would be a slow onset and then a tapering at the end of the session to allow a re-equilibration of normal levels of energy within the biofield rather than have a sudden onset or a sudden cessation. But other than these considerations, the device is both safe and effective and will be a valuable adjunct for many people to gain relief from chronic problems of this kind.

The way in which it works is more profound than understood at present. The effect is orchestrated partly through the nerves but partly through direct impingement on the energetic biofield of the body and this is more an interaction with the meridians and the internodal elements governing energy flow. It is partly electromagnetic and partly an interdimensional energy undiscovered as yet, but the latter is influenced by the former, so this is a second layer of influence that will serve to restore energy flow and bring things back into better balance. This is a resetting of homeostatic regulation that is always the ideal and this will correct many problems that are maintained by an abnormal energy balance and flow.