DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human CorruptionIs ritual human sacrifice of babies and children still a widespread practice? What causes this and what can we do?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

Unfortunately, ritual human sacrifice is still commonly practiced and is as great as ever in frequency of occurrence. The reason is that not only has this not gone away, there are greater numbers of people, and therefore, greater numbers of individuals drawn to dark doings and dark practices and are readily recruited to join cult organizations and indulge in very perverse behavior of all kinds. This is a consequence of corruption and fuels additional corruption as well. This is the menace it truly represents, not that there are a number of people who are truly acting in a demented fashion, but that they can recruit and influence others as well who will then fall prey to having power and corrupt themselves more willingly than not.

This is a very slippery slope and few will recover from reaching the depths to which they fall, reaching this level of inner corruption. When people accept the killing of others for personal gain, and then move beyond that to the stage when they view it as an entertainment and view it as a good thing for them—this is a total inversion of character and morality in service to the self in the darkest possible way for the most sinister purposes and with consequences for the soul that will be grave indeed.

This is a major transgression from a soul perspective and will always incur great karmic consequences. These people do not have any idea what they are embarking on in terms of the cost to them in sinking so low, but many fall into this trap. So the practices are still common and widespread. They are done covertly, but the reach and the influence this has affects many, many others who were on the periphery, who come into contact with these practitioners and are influenced by them in turn, indirectly.

So the damage extends beyond the inner circle of followers who carry out these rituals. It influences their victims profoundly and also their direct families. When someone disappears, it is a tragic loss for everyone involved in being a part of that family, especially when it is an infant or a small child. The damage it causes is quite profound, it is the tearing of hearts and altering forever their trust in the world and often in themselves if they feel in some way they were negligent, and their child came to harm, even when they do not know the darkest of the end result.

Having an infant that is snatched on your watch is a failing that few will recover fully from in the course of an entire lifetime. There are many affected adversely by what takes place and the practitioners themselves will pay a heavy, heavy price from the pain they cause, and this will return to them with a vengeance.