DWQA QuestionsCategory: Problems in SocietyIs the creation of borders around sovereign states, denying entry to non-citizens, a non-divine act? Is an open border policy the ideal? And what are the karmic consequences of the current state of affairs?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

The ideal world of the future would mean a single planet with a single population of human beings who are in divine alignment, all, and who share an awareness and an appreciation of the unity of all life, not only human, but all species sharing the wonders of Gaia, and who want things to be in balance because that is the divine way. This implies integrating respectfully with nature and with one another, and so in that world there would be no need for nation states, for borders, restrictions of any kind on movement, other than a set of basic laws about those who have taken up residence in a particular location and declared a desire to remain without being encroached on, and so forth.

So the idea of property ownership can be dealt with in many ways. It can be done in a sense by petition in a non-financial transaction to simply claim squatter’s rights, in essence, for those who may get to a location first and wish to remain. When there is room for all, there is no need for discord about the sharing of resources or even territory. When people are working together and not in opposition or in competition with one another, it is very straightforward to honor basic human decency and common courtesy to defer to someone already engaged in something, to not disrupt their plans and so forth. That is a future difficult for humans to see because envisioning such a degree of mutual understanding and acceptance is far beyond the reach of the current corrupted human, but it is coming in the future with enlightenment.