DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial Mind ControlIs the government program known as “No Child Left Behind” really, in essence, a clever euphemism for “No Child Left Out of the Mind Control Loop?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

This too is a clever insight about how things come to be. This is so typical of legislation that it is often titled in a way that is an exact opposite of its true intentions, not of the people involved, even in the level of drafting the bill, but the manipulators who see an opportunity to instill faulty thinking and logic and have it carved in stone through laws that will be enacted and inflicted on the innocent with all the force of government behind it. This is a beautiful example indeed and does have a double meaning exactly as you intuit. The whole purpose of the school system is a manipulation of the young, so any tool designed to tighten the grip of the educational system on the minds of the young is inimical to their interests and destructive because it is inevitably designed to be that way. Even when it accomplishes some clear benefits, this will be counterbalanced, and often to a greater extent, by an unintended consequence or unanticipated negative side effect that triggers human emotion and behavior in ways unexpected by the legislators and the public as well.

This, of course, includes the school system that is simply used to having mandates of all kinds imposed from the politicians, and whose members may themselves wonder about the wisdom at times, but nonetheless are constrained and required by law to follow their mandates without fail. There is no room for second-guessing, there is no leeway to go slow or to avoid taking certain actions that do not seem to sit right with the person. To be sure, there are some teachers who can creatively assist their pupils to see beyond the box constructed by the school system to keep them contained, but this is only occasional and fleeting because the majority of the system is designed for regimentation and subjugation.