DWQA QuestionsCategory: Healing ModalitiesIs the product, Turapur Pitcher, effective in producing free hydrogen in water as claimed, in sufficient quantities to have health benefits?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is the case. It is not the most effective such strategy, but it is still a reasonable approach because of the low cost of the technology. So the exposure to the health benefits can be arranged for almost anyone using this product. It will have benefits as claimed and these go far, far beyond what they are touting because, as they rightly state, oxidative damage is a critical component of many deleterious interactions within the body which take a toll in maintaining healthy cells and tissues and have many potential adverse outcomes when left unchecked. This is difficult to achieve through ordinary dietary sources or supplements. There are many natural antioxidants in foodstuffs, but getting consistent quantities at the truly beneficial levels of activity is a challenge.

A very natural vehicle to deliver such a material would be within the drinking water because not only is that used in cooking, and is a constituent of meals, it is ingested at intervals all through the day, so a person receives a steady dosing that is then held in the stomach and absorbed and circulating for some period of time after each glass of water. So this provides a very effective delivery system for a simple, natural molecule that is health promoting and is intended to be in nature, and a part of the human environment, and to be ingested in like fashion but occurring through natural springs. To recreate these artificially, makes up for the more sterile world humans inhabit with the trappings of civilization causing people to live in dwellings once removed from nature, and things are rarely fresh that are ingested, whether food or water.