DWQA QuestionsCategory: HealingIs the “stuck mindset” phenomenon seen by [name withheld] something new to us? How can this be healed? Does this require a new healing process or approach?
Karen Gore Staff asked 2 years ago

This is not something new, but is a subset of the belief system that becomes a practical problem for individuals trapped in a self-created form of prejudice that keeps them from accepting healing. The negative beliefs in this mindset do not budge and are impervious to change, even with the sending of love to restore balance and raise vibration to the love frequency. The stuck mindset is like a fortress with thick walls and the divine love message will bounce off, for that is the power of the divine human, to deny any source of help and rescue if the beliefs are such that it is impossible or undeserved. So this is a nice description of the dilemma created by a set of limiting beliefs with broad consequence that are perceived with conscious awareness and become a litany or mantra, and declared, almost with pride, as the individual truly believes their limiting beliefs despite their illogical nature and self-destructive consequences.

They are bolstered by ego as well. So a person will look with pride at their ability to assess the current state of being their world shows them and will almost gloat in the understanding of their dire circumstances and the extent of their difficulty and their shortcomings. And this provides them a convenient excuse, so they will not expect change to happen, nor must they mount any effort to make that happen so it becomes a self-serving quandary in some respects as it avoids further pain of failure and expenditure of energy with the attendant frustration and growing pains that would accompany shifting things for the better. So it is really nothing new, in essence, it is a form of limiting beliefs, all of which are amenable to modification with DNA Theta Healing manoeuvres.

They can be healed by divine realm under certain circumstances, so there is some value in making a request of the divine realm to heal a stuck mindset to see what might happen, as there might be appreciable gains to remove some or all of it in some individuals. But as with all inner beliefs, the divine realm must often honor the free will choice to believe what a person chooses, even if it is self-destructive. So these will not be readily dealt with by simple divine realm healing requests, but this can be a useful concept, to look for members of the grouping that comprise the fortress walls, and then work systematically to replace them.