DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial InterlopersIs there any connection between the history of Atlantis and Antarctica?
Nicola Staff asked 10 months ago

The story of Atlantis was one of extraterrestrial manipulation to a greater extent than had happened previously for quite a long period of time. The civilization present and reaching its zenith in that era, had a relatively free hand to explore, to innovate, and to maintain a reasonable degree of spiritual awareness. This is because of the great geographic distances of the era and the fact that the major slave period had wound down as the Anunnaki no longer needed large numbers of slaves on the Earth. But this inevitably was too tempting to leave on its own and drew interest of the Reptilians who entered the picture, and the Arcturians, who were present prior to this, resented this intrusion and war broke out. Humans were caught in the middle and there was much devastation planet-wide with many upheavals because of the widespread devastation and destruction unleashed by the extraterrestrial technologies. As always, humans were simply pawns in the game representing a prize of sorts, but one that could be expendable from the perspective of both sides, and therefore, could be annihilated simply to punish the other extraterrestrial group, to prevent them from winning the prize of control over humans. So this was quite a dark time indeed.

The Antarctic was used as a base of operations by the intruding extraterrestrial Reptilian race. So there were bases produced, and this was done clandestinely for a time in order to establish a foothold and develop strength in numbers to be in a position to launch an attack while seeming diplomatic relations were being undertaken, but that was a subterfuge all along. So there was an extraterrestrial presence in the Antarctic during that period and this has remained so throughout history, used in various ways at various times to greater or lesser extent as a convenience because of its remote location and ideal circumstances to achieve secrecy—because so very few humans even journey to the continent let alone do any meaningful, detailed exploration. There is still a base there at present, but it is one of many, and the area itself and its underground base, in that regard, is truly nothing special. There are some who are greatly interested and have been told many exaggerated tales of the wonders and secrets it keeps, but this is a disinformation campaign and not worthy of great interest.