DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine GuidanceIs water from all natural springs a source of hydrogen suffused water?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is more common than not, although the concentration does vary. The other problem is there is a decline in content with storage, and this again speaks to the drawbacks of the modern lifestyle when one wishes to stockpile things and has the mechanical means for transport of large quantities of water that would be too heavy to carry for long distances by a human alone using muscle power. This is the reason why the old-time movies show people going to the wells and the reservoirs and springs with buckets and returning to prepare for cooking a meal. This shows clearly that the old‑time ways of living with the land and on the land and close to the land were truly best, where things would be obtained right from nature and often consumed on the spot to quench one’s thirst before even taking back a pail of water. This is a much, much healthier way to live, but has died out through the consequences of modernization, mechanization, and the population explosion necessitating living off technology with minimal housing, often in urban centers where the infrastructure can be provided for large numbers of individuals more cheaply than in rural settings, where people might be scattered and the costs are not justified.