DWQA QuestionsCategory: PrayerIt used to be commonplace in American households for families to say prayers for the starving infants in Asia or Africa. Was one response to such prayers by the divine realm an infusion of energy into these unfortunate sufferers to provide nutritional support in lieu of food to help them survive?
Nicola Staff asked 4 years ago
This, in fact, has happened many, many, times through the years because this is a routine need of human beings, who are often suffering from malnutrition whether through particular circumstances of poverty, or social instability because of crime, civil unrest, or war, which creates shortages, and people are going hungry, as well as many times when famines have occurred to leave a whole region without their normal source of nutrition, and this can lead to very grave consequences in terms of the numbers of people who may perish. Regardless of the origin, the best answer comes through prayer work or through use of the Lightworker Healing Protocol now, as an adjunct to promote healing and the benefit of people who suffer. Regardless of the specific circumstances, there will always be a combination of karmic influences as well as spirit meddler manipulations and Extraterrestrial Alliance involvement in ramping things up to make them more negative. So, many of these painful circumstances are engineered to happen and not a natural weather-related consequence that is part of normal variability. There is always a sinister influence when there is a serious crop failure on a large scale.