DWQA QuestionsCategory: DisinformationIt was reported that there has been a high-level agreement reached between East and West for an organization to be created to oversee human expansion into the universe modeled after Star Trek, and that a senior member of the Secret Space Program says a condition for unveiling the Secret Space Program and the 5,000 patents hidden for “national security reasons” is about to be fulfilled. This also predicts liberation of the world from the sinister control by the world’s financial system, releasing massive funds to “end poverty, war, environmental destruction, disease and even mortality,” bringing the planet’s quarantine to an end. Is there any truth to this “announcement?”
Nicola Staff asked 2 months ago

There is no truth to any of these ideas except that the Secret Space Program will be unveiled, according to current plans, for purposes of capitalizing on these kinds of disinformation campaigns. There will be a story of rescue because of the way the human population has been misguided through a disservice of human governments and the financial system as well, and this seeming revelation will be used to justify trusting the extraterrestrial beings who come forward with dazzling technology and promises of benevolent assistance and will have a tremendous and universal appeal because humanity will have been suffering intensely and desperate for answers. But none of these other predictions and promises will come to pass. It is all a disinformation campaign to create disempowerment to lull people into further complacency, thinking everything is being taken care of and handled by others when the opposite is true—no one is truly in charge, all are being duped and manipulated at all levels of human society throughout all of the human institutions, especially government and military organizations, and the financial system in particular which has always served the alien bloodline. They will be the beneficiaries of any financial consequences from the upheavals that will be increasing, not humans themselves.