DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial SpiritsIt was suggested in a recent channeling that like our atheists, the Anunnaki predominantly think all they need is a great brain. But what of the dead Anunnaki spirits? Are they seen as somehow not alive, yet they use them and continue to influence them? Is their outlook that the highest form of existence is having an immortal existence as a physical Anunnaki?
Nicola Staff asked 2 years ago

They think of this phenomenon as a relic, a remnant of the living person, and a kind of artifact of consciousness that will fade over time but has no greater role to play. But they can also see its value if pressed into duty, so they persuade these spirit remnants to continue their service and most readily agree, because they do need a purpose and a way to spend their time and welcome a friendly voice. So this helps them to keep going. They simply see this as a consequence of death, perhaps a final stage prior to dissolution, but not a transition to a return to life. So it is just a phenomenon they take advantage of to whatever extent they can, without greater concern or caring for the spirits individually, or what the implications are. They lack the compassion to appreciate what that circumstance would be like if it befell them, and they are not motivated to explore it or seek any kind of solution. They view it as an inevitability of death, and nothing more. It is not painful for them to see this happen to someone else. They are too self-involved.