DWQA QuestionsCategory: Human PotentialMy client [name withheld] believes he is hearing his roommate’s thoughts, and finds this very anxiety-provoking as the roommate doesn’t like him. What can we tell him, or do, to help him with this issue?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

As you know intuitively, this is a gift and not a problem per se. It is the downside in having telepathic ability, that one often hears things not meant for their ears and which are personally quite distressing, especially when they have various sensitivities to criticism. That is the case here, so there needs to be a toughening up on his part more so than constraint of his intuitive ability. That is a gift and not a liability if he processes the information in a healthy fashion. There are many other aspects to his intuitive awareness that will be of greater help to him down the line. This is simply an immediate issue because of his personal sensitivity, so he simply needs some coaching to give him encouragement and to discuss the possibilities that await his future.