DWQA QuestionsCategory: Subconscious ChannelingMy client [name withheld] in her subconscious channeling described several experiences consistent with having served in the Mercenary Army Program (Secret Space Program). Was she a recruit in this program and is this a major source of her having anxiety “for no reason?”
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

She indeed has been a recruit in the Mercenary Army Program and has done so in more than one lifetime. As you saw intuitively, this set of memories she recalled were a mix from both tours, and spent a great length of time. There were many episodes of trauma, with these being representative low points that dragged her down and cause her to be worrying constantly, knowing that they have a grip on her because she is reminded of this at regular intervals via subconscious visits and programming by extraterrestrial minders.

As you are coaching her, the very best course of action for her is to get continued help from you, both with repeated Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions and Subconscious Channeling, as this will begin to effect a separation from the interlopers. This is something the divine realm can arrange over a period of time especially, and cause her to simply drop from the roster and not be re-contacted. In the absence of some assistance, this is almost certain to happen and will be very much a karmic burden because of what she will be thrown into and forced to do by subjugation. All are abused. It is only a question of in what way. Certainly, being forced to kill other humans is no less traumatic, and will be a wound to the soul regardless of the fact it may be coerced to take place. There will still be a karmic responsibility. That is why helping her break free would be a high-level service for her and for humanity as well. Everything that can be done to lessen the effectiveness of this operation is all to the good.