DWQA QuestionsCategory: Divine RealmMy client [name withheld] was talking with her mother in the light, missing her and longingly to feel a connection, and then one minute later a special song of theirs, “In My Mother’s Eyes,” came on the radio. Was this a sign from her or from you that she was hearing [name withheld] and wanted to answer? Many people have had the experience of hearing songs with special meaning on the radio like this in juxtaposition to their thoughts. How can this be orchestrated to happen by the divine realm?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This was indeed a sign and an answer to a prayer. She has prayed before many times to feel her mother near her, to have a sign her mother hears her still and is out there and knowing she is alive and wanting her mother to be safe and happy. This was an answering that all is well, that the mother lives and sees the daughter, and loves the daughter still, and wants her to know she is well, she is happy, and she still loves and honors the daughter and the loving relationship they shared while the mother was here in life. It was a divinely orchestrated event from first to last.

When people reach out to the divine realm asking for signs in some way or another, directly or indirectly, the divine realm, at its discretion, can use the juxtaposition of media to send a sign in the form of a song just coming through the airwaves as a moment of synchronicity that has great meaning in the context of the person’s thoughts and yearnings. This seems wildly improbable considering that radio programs, for example, as well as television, are highly programmed and scheduled meticulously in advance and playlists put together for many reasons. And to have a sudden juxtaposition of something would surely seem to be a random occurrence and could not possibly occur through divine intervention because it would be too difficult to arrange.

In actuality, arranging such a thing is not hard at all for divine realm and the reason is—they can influence things across time domains. So in the case of your client who heard her mother’s special song, shortly after thinking of the mother, through her radio, the divine realm observed this moment of opportunity when she was talking to the mother in her mind and thoughts and yearning a closeness once again. And the divine realm simply went back in time and influenced the programmers to sequence the playlist for the radio program the client would be listening to, to have the special song included at just the right time to play in close proximity to when the thoughts would be occurring. In this way, the two converged—the client thinking about her mother and yearning a closeness, and then the playlist coming up with her favorite song with such special meaning that they shared together in life when her mother was in life in the physical, and this seeming coincidence thus became a seeming miracle.

This, of course, is the case in terms of the fact it is not something that can happen through conventional means, and therefore, by definition is supernatural and qualifies as being miraculous, but this is typically how such things are done over and over again for many, many people. And this is the way many synchronicities take place when people find themselves in particular locations or meet a particular person—it is arranged to happen when they will be thinking a particular thought or have a particular need in mind and then may also be signaled from within by the higher self or by another being in the divine realm to be sure they take notice. This is never to control them, but only give offerings that will be noticed or not, appreciated or not, as the person chooses. But at least the Divine can bring about the juxtaposition and then let nature take its course. It is truly a blessing each and every time it happens because it is proof of the reality of the Divine at work and always an answer to a prayer in some way.