DWQA QuestionsCategory: Extraterrestrial SpiritsMy student [name withheld] asks: “It seems some Anunnaki lost souls manipulate people to use types of energetic healing/other that keeps the lost soul earthbound and or attached to that person. These souls are very sneaky and able to unground people even when connected with the Protocol, I had to ask for protection and reground about 20 times during the session. I “think” I’m very perceptive and can tell when they sneak in. I heard you had a student that had trouble connecting, that person may have had Anunnaki spirit affecting the connection.” Were these perceptions accurate and what implications do they have for the coverage of the Lightworker Healing Protocol?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

These were accurate perceptions in most respects. There is a perturbation of human by Anunnaki spirits to alter their energy and this does create a cording, so the human subject is karmically entangled with the spirit. This facilitates further manipulation and can serve as a kind of calling card the subconscious may accept as something that is needing to be allowed and needing to be honored. Keep in mind that many parts of the self engage in life through independent actions and must be accepted by the other parts of the self. This can lead to conflicts within the being, but for the most part, there is toleration of what the left hand does on the part of the right hand, and so forth. This is something he was seeing intuitively and reading the energy, so to speak, created by the prior association and this was facilitated as well by installation of an alien portal used by the earthbound alien spirit to engage with the human and then both perturb things energetically as well as karmically.

The answer here is simply removal of the portal and healing of any karmic connection to these spirit beings and the history of their contact with the client. These mechanisms are present later in the Protocol, once spirits are removed, as it is simply tidying up and removing the energetic legacy of the involvement.

The issue of grounding is more critical with some practitioners than with others, so this is more a risk for those highly empathic, and most highly intuitive individuals fall in this category, so this is the reason for the experiencing of needing to reground again and again. The empath has the liability of heading off into space, and in all directions at times, in seeking things of earnest interest and wanting to connect, and in the execution of the outreach, will let go of their moorings, so to speak, and will be floating free energetically. And this is not the best energy to hold for doing this healing work because being interconnected with Gaia is very helpful in maintaining stability, and imparts safety and healing benefits as well, because many things can be discharged into Gaia that are no longer needed and must be externalized. That cannot happen when the person is free-floating, so being ungrounded is a liability.