DWQA QuestionsCategory: Channeling PitfallsOther mediums seem adept in getting clues from the light about loved ones that are specific remembrances of names, things that happened in the past to show the authenticity of the channeled voice, even events of that day that were witnessed from the light recounted as convincers. When I do channelings there are often many opportunities to give specific information and actual data, yet this does not happen. Why not?
Nicola Staff asked 3 years ago

Yours is a divinely guided and implemented process. Other individuals acting as psychic mediums do things on their own, with their own energy, with their own intuitive reach into the akashic records as well as the thoughts of a loved one of interest to the paying client. This allows some things to transfer and to be accessed and then revealed that we would view as overstepping the allowable boundaries on the part of the light being to initiate. If the human initiates this and probes and discerns things, that is allowable because they are allowed to take action in all ways at all times and are not hindered or restricted from knowing things or seeing things. It is only the limits of their intuitive reach that provide barriers. Whenever they can make connections and uncover information this is acceptable and allowed by the divine realm. It is just that we cannot offer this directly from our end. If it happens inadvertently because the light being in question is focused on a thought or event with their own consciousness and the psychic discerns this and relays it to the client, this is the doing of the human and not the light being per se, to bring it about. So the revelation will seem impressive but is not how things will operate with a Creator-supported channeling.

So you might see this as somewhat of a trade-off, and perhaps in terms of having independent corroboration other practitioners may score a touchdown, so to speak, more frequently than you do. But that is only providing proof of what is the reality of existence, that their loved ones go on, they survive and persist, and are even accessible intuitively, and stay connected to the loved ones remaining in the physical. So that goal is well established and achieved by a few pertinent facts being discerned by the psychic who otherwise could not have seemingly been able to marshal convincing evidence of the reality of the loved one still being out and about. But that is far short of getting an update of the current thinking and perspective about past experiences and relationships and some of the details regarding healing needed, prospects for the future, and the karmic interplay involved in the dynamics of the family, and so on. That can come forth in response to specific questions directed to them with clarity and a positive intention.